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Deep Shit - Kei Bowie

Deep Shit - Kei Bowie
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Rope Bondage, Submission, Domination, Torture, Spanking
Kel Bowie is in big trouble, on the run from the law, when she comes across O.T. alone in the park. He looks like a nice enough guy, so, hoping he will be kind enough to let her into his house for save haven, so she tells him her story:
She had been talking to a guy for some time on the internet and the two of them had decided to meet up for what Kel had assumed was a date. When she arrived, however, it became suddenly apparent that was not what the man had in mind. He made her an accomplice and getaway driver in a bank heist that he was apparently pulling. Terrified, she had fled from him after and could not figure out what to do now that the law was on her tail for something she had no plan to be part of.
O.T. seems to take pity on Kel and takes her in, but Kel should have learned with her first brush with a strange but "nice guy." These men are not to be trusted. As soon as she gets back to his house he offers her a drink and, once she wakes up, takes what he wants from her body. She should have listened when she was told not to talk to strangers.

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Deep Shit - Kei Bowie Deep Shit - Kei Bowie
Deep Shit - Kei Bowie Deep Shit - Kei Bowie Deep Shit - Kei Bowie
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