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Roommates Movies

Roommates Movies
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Annette Haven stars as Barbara Broadcast, a celebrity hooker and internationally renowned sex-expert. C.J. Laing plays Roberta, the hot reporter who arranges a rendevous at the Olympia Ballroom - an exclusive New York eaterie where the waiters and waitresses serve more than just food. From the appetizer to the main course, to dessert, Annette and company serve up a veritable orgy of sexual feasting. That night, after some carousing on the town, the interview continues at the Olympia Discoteque. There, to the throbbing jungle rhythms, Annette and Robert succumb to each other's beauty and passion, igniting the disco with their own particular dance style. A departure for director Henry Paris, Barbara Broadcast is a skillful blend of raunchy sex and sophisticated erotic interludes.

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Roommates Movies Roommates Movies
Roommates Movies Roommates Movies Roommates Movies
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