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Spoiled And Cruel

Spoiled And Cruel
Video language: English
The old butler of the house is just cleaning one of the rooms as the spoiled of the house owners enter the room in a very bad mood. "I told you to clean and polish my car!", she hisses at the confused man.
It is Jenna, the spoiled and young lady who is used to see the butler as her private slave. She was on her way to the stables because she is dressed in dominant riding style. The butler is a very reliable servant and he assures the angry lady that he has cleaned and polished the car 5 times. But, as always, it looks like the young and mean lady is not satisfied.
"Are you sure? I think I should polish your ass with my riding crop. Bend over!", she says and points to leather couch. What can he do? He wants to keep his job, so he has to follow her order because she is the of his employer and 's darling. He drops off his trousers and the old man bends over the couch to receive a punishment from thr arrogant girl.

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Spoiled And Cruel Spoiled And Cruel
Spoiled And Cruel Spoiled And Cruel Spoiled And Cruel
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