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  1. Address:
  2. 6/4 twenty fifth ave
  3. palm beach, Queensland 4221
  4. Website:
  6. Hours:
  7. 08;00am - 06:00pm Mon to Fri
  8. Phone:
  9. 428090438
  10. Email:
  12. Owner's Name:
  13. Gareth Baine
  14. Description:
  15. Whilst the fuel that we put in our cars is the force that gets them moving, the real power behind your machine is the electrical systems, in place. Automotive electronics help to run everything from your radio, to your air conditioning unit, to the functionality of your engine. Without the capabilities of the electronics, your car simply would not be able to run; and sometimes, this can be exactly the case. When you encounter electronic failures or shortcomings with your vehicle, you should seek out the help of team of professional technicians, immediately.
  16. Category:
  17. Auto Electrical, Truck & Earthmoving, Air Conditioning, 4WD Fit Out, Marine, Mine Site Fit Out
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