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  1. Let’s start ST(R) AND OUT WITH BBLUNT-Brand: BBLUNT is the brain-offspring of Adhuna Akhtar who is Bollywood-favorite hair stylist with moives like 'Dil Chahta Hai' and 'Dil Dhadakne Do' under her kitty.
  2. The most effective method to USE of ST(R) AND OUT WITH BBLUNT: Shake the can a long time before utilize. Apply to dry styled hair. Separate the segment you need to color. Leave to dry Brush out abundance if required. Wear protective gear to prevent color from staining hands. Give it 5 min to dry totally. Covering your garments with newspapers to abstain from staining is a smart move. Utilize it for features and sparkle on.
  3. WHERE TO USE of ST(R) AND OUT WITH BBLUNT: Special events to stand out or to make a regular day uncommon with your super-extravagant mane.
  4. Color individually terms. A cool better approach to color your hair without committing permanently Spray on to include a dramatic sprinkle of color to your day! Essentially cleanser to wash off the color ST(R) AND OUT WITH BBLUNT uniquely created for Indian hair.
  5. DID YOU KNOW: Temporary hair color is a temporary coating on the outer cuticle of the hair shaft?
  6. Colors Available: Welcome Funky hair-colors in Blue Velvet, Copper, Blush Pink, Bronze and Emerald Green
  7. Looks matter! Period. And in this manner there is no blame inclination when we are fixating on every new damn thing we get the chance to try to play with our looks. And what is the easiest trick to play in this look-amusement? Utilize ST(R) AND OUT WITH BBLUNT truly, HAIR can be a distinct advantage and yet we consider experimenting with it last. Why girls?? Give us a chance to escape our shells and go all wild. And we have a partner in crime to enable us to translate our wildest hair dreams into reality. It's a great opportunity to welcome ST(R) AND OUT WITH BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Color into our lives. This one is for every one of those youthful wild hearts who love experimenting with their seems as though me. Or essentially try this to tick off hair coloring from your plan for the day with this ST(R) AND OUT WITH BBLUNT.

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