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  1. THE EDGY CASUAL EDIT are Cool as a cucumber, yet more keen than a sword's edge-that is me! Who said dressing casually must exhaust? With the correct outfits and adornments, you can kill any look you need! For school going young ladies who need to remain on the ball fusing all significant form patterns – here's your cheat sheet to keeping it casual, yet edgy, much the same as your identity!
  2. In THE EDGY CASUAL EDIT Metal can never leave style. Shaking a casual dress? Add a metallic tone to it for that edgy touch and to stop people in their tracks your direction. I have matched this edgy yet casual metallic dress with a couple of crazy boots with metal accents to finish the look. Toss in a couple of pilots to really amp up the rockstar-meter and you're ready. Carry on with the rocker-chic life, and make sure to keep it casual! THE EDGY CASUAL EDIT look will never come up short you young ladies who need to resemble a rockstar while being on a financial plan since you are in school.
  3. Furthermore, now, for my most loved look of the 3, propelled by my affection for everything retro and great. An off-bear, printed pullover reminiscent of the downplayed appeal of the 70's that is casual, yet ladylike. Combined with a marvelous dark, layered skirt and exemplary band studs this THE EDGY CASUAL EDIT outfits are straight out from the retro look you had always wanted! I've included a dash of THE EDGY CASUAL EDIT to this exemplary outfit with metallic rocker-chick boots, making this look just ME! Female, casual, yet EDGY. This look is ready for their night parties on ends of the week with your school companions
  4. Prints can never leave style, and what's superior to prints in sets of two? Wear your most loved prints and hues as co-ord sets, and enjoy the best of the two universes. I have worn a printed co-ord set that is casual and agreeable, yet eye getting and absolutely THE EDGY CASUAL EDIT. Parity the casualness of the outfit with a couple of hot red boots, that add to the oomph factor. A blue sling pack that counterbalances the shading plan splendidly to convey my day's needs and I'm prepared to kill! Do attempt this look on an extraordinary day at school when you need to make a stamp.
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