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  2.         <head>
  3.                 <title>Webquest</title>
  4.         </head>
  5.         <body>
  6.                 <h1>Welcome to this Webquest</h1>
  7.                 <h2>Does violence in games encourage physical violence?</h2>
  9.                 <p>
  10.                 This webquest is intended to provide students who are studying A Level English with an opportunity to develop their communication and writing skills.
  11.                 </p>
  13.                  <h2>Introduction</h2>
  14.                  <p>
  15.                  Collaboration with peers and your teacher will be essential to the task. Class time will be allocated to this task but group collaboration will be necessary out of class also. Each group should arrange times appropriate for their members.
  16.                  </p>
  17.         </body>
  18. </html>
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